The internet is filled with many parenting resources, here are just a few:

Parenting can be wonderful and rewarding, but it can also be difficult and unpleasant.

In the past, most of the research on families focused on what was wrong with them, rather than what was right.

Younger children don't want to feel left out, so set up a space at the kitchen table for your little one to do "homework" while your older children do theirs

Parent-teacher conferences sometimes become a cause for concern for everyone involved-children, parents, and teachers.

Young adolescents entering high school look forward to having more choices and making new and more friends; however, they also are concerned about being picked on and teased by older students, having harder work, making lower grades, and getting lost in a larger, unfamiliar school (Mizelle, 1995; Phelan, Yu, & Davidson, 1994).

Parents and families need to hear more about what they are doing right.

At NCF, we believe every child needs a dad they can count on.

This will be where LOA puts up valuable tips for being successful.


When teenagers have access to the information and resources they need, they are better equipped to make intelligent choices, especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Alcoholism, Alcohol Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Risks.

Is the way or amount I drink harming my health?

A parent’s guide to the legal drugs kids are using and abusing.

Tips for raising drug-free kids.

Parent Support Network.


Drug Addiction: Causes, Symptoms, Signs of Abuse & Health Issues.

National Institute on Drug Abuse.

NAMI is delighted to announce the expansion of our Parents and Teachers as Allies in-service mental health education program for school professionals.

Mental illness and addiction don't need to control your life.

With the pressures facing most people today, it is essential to take your mental health seriously


Parenting Mini-Bytes

Parenting Mini-Bytes are packets, which are routinely circulated throughout meetings, etc. They contain hints, help and advice for parents and their children.