Executive Board

The Clarkston Coalition For Youth Executive Board


This Executive Board represents many sectors of the Clarkston community and provides oversight for the Coalitions activities and projects. The board members are appointed and typically have a 2-3 year term. If you are interested in becoming a board member please complete this application form.

Kelly Hyer
Sarah Himburg
Parent and Member of Clarkston Area Mothers and More


Tonya Cunningham
Contractual Staff
Community Director
Mary Schleusener
Contractual Staff
Project Coordinator
Heather Burrum
Student Representative
Clarkston High School
Cheryl Smith
Member at Large - Medical Sector
New Oakland Child-Adolescent & Family Center
Patty Collins
Member at Large - Senior Citizens Sector
Independence Township Senior Center
Amber Barry
Member at Large - Parent Sector
Grace Terry
Member at Large - Medical Sector
Graceful Living - Home Healthcare
Kate Zywicki
Member at Large - Religious Sector
Calvary Lutheran Church / Associate Pastor
Rosemary Retford
Member at Large - Community Sector
Clarkston Independence District Library